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Take a walk in Domaine de La Roseraie orchards and discover a wide array of aromatic plants from Ouirgane Valley.

Cultivated in a traditional fashion, with a « séguias » (small rivers) irrigation system, we created an Aromatic garden "TIB'HIRT NI SAFERN" ...the garden with healing plants in berber. You will find more than thirty different species of aromatic plants used by Ouirgane villagers such as Saturéoïde thyme, Sage, Inula Montana also called « Ija Oumghar » by Berbers.

Thanks to our compost pit, daily supplied by organic matter and green waste generated by La Roseraie, that progressively decomposes into a dark nutrient called humus, the land soil is nourished and increases its fertility. In this way, our aromatic garden is grown organically and is free from any fertilizer or pesticide.

Organic plants are then used at the Spa preparing natural beauty products or for herbal teas that extend the benefits of your treatments.

To learn more about healing plants virtues, join one of our « Beauty workshop » at the Spa Lab’.